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February 11
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SoC - Appsheet by Cashile SoC - Appsheet by Cashile
Really quick chara concept..had only 1 day for this... ohwell, i tried :'D *backtowork*
See without group BG on my :facebook: here:…Čif_t=photo_comment


Name: Tide
Age: 26
Gender: male
Species: human (with body modifications)
Height: 187cm
Job: spy/enchanter

For army: works as a spy, since he is not much of a soldier in close 1on1 combat. Instead, he is usually sent out for inside jobs, gathering information; he is good with figuring out people's behaviour.

Enchanting: started out as a hobby, now selling own crafted items (jewellry and gems) which turned out to be useful for some.
//in game mechanics use these are small attribute modifiers. eg. perception+1//


Dual wielding: He is not the best soldier in the army, but if it comes to combat he uses quick acrobatic movement, and usually doesn't like to extend the battle for long. He is merciless and quick, but always tries to avoid death of their enemy.

Persuasation: More of a talker instead of one to rush in combat. If possible he tries to reason out of his way of situations.

History: Not much is known about him, actually, since it would be a great weakness to reveal someone's background if his job is to trick everyone else into believing he is another person. Due to his role in the army he learned to make up simple, believable stories for himself, such as:
"I had a simple life, really. My parents were regular people, my father a merchant, my mother a maid. I went to averige schools, learned my father's trade, but merchant life were not for me. It is hard for me to spend too much time among people, so I tried to find something else to my liking. So here I am, a soldier. I feel that this isn't for me either, but it is something, for now."

Personality: INTP (see more here:… )
Although he prefers to be alone most of the time, he values the company of other people who are willing to talk about things that actually matter.
Doesn't trust anyone, probably due to his own background. Has a twisted sense for beauty.

Likes: being left alone, thinking about useless stuff, observing people, listening, art, reading, creepy things, learning new things, 

Dislikes: ignorance, too emotional people, injustice, parties, crowd, smalltalk, quick judgement, having to let people down, own self, 

Will add more info as he develops, lol

How to RP:
Through Skype, ask
I prefer a little literature in RP, even though I am not a native speaker I'll try my best ;n;
(please try to avoid random japanese words in your text, it gives me suicidal tendencies. kthanks), but chat type is OK too.
I DO NOT rp porn. Romance is totally cool if it _makes sense_.
Any genre is welcomed~ (preferred is drama, mystical, with as many realism as possible)
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This is so sexy and gorgeous and. Hng!
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Omg...His looks... everything about him... just perfect!! HE IS SO LOVELY!!

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Mercifell Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student General Artist

My goodness gracious, this is simply fantastic. o A o I am awed by your concept and coloring! AND ONE DAY?! ... *cries a little on the inside*

My goodness gracious. I'd love to meet this fellow. If you'd allow me the honor. ; v ;

Mercifell Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student General Artist
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