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September 17, 2013
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Vampire by Cashile Vampire by Cashile
sharpened him up, somehow it was blurry ._."

a random practice painting, to compare some "progress"

here is the comparison with the old version:

Thanks for the 100K pageviews, peeps, you are amazing :hug: I'll try to be more productive - i am still working on my graphic novel, and it takes so long because of some technical difficulties. It is getting there though, just slowly ;_; Thank you for your patience and support ! :heart:

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Brilliant! Just brilliant!
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i like it..
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very very good work
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He looks... so very awesome 0__0
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wow!! absolutely wow!
Your artwork is brilliant! :D
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I love it.
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This was submitted on my birthday!  Thank you for posting this up! Steam Punk
FirstDarkAngel2001 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well, I think that I can finally come up with something for this hottie's background. My god it took sooo long to try to figure one out! Even worse when the net had gone down... >.<' I wanted it to be befitting of your talent, as well as to not make it something that was in the end going to be a bad story. Well, here goes..

His name...never needed to be said, for what he had done was in itself, something that could never be forgotten. His cold looking demeanor was one that was not so, for it was only within the face of his enemy that he would show such a look. It was rare though, for him to show any emotion, for it was rarer still for any to be near him other than those that he commanded to battle. An elite person he had been, though not of royal blood...his name.. was Dokoran, a vampire high general that answered only to those that ruled within the lands that he lived until a tragedy had caused him to leave. He was raised within the lesser known village of Aretza, to a kind mother and militant father. His father had trained him to never question the rulers of the land because they were good rulers. His mother added that they were also kind, and so Dokoran had vowed to not speak against what the rulers had wished of him unless it was very dire. He grew up too fast for his mother, and too slow for his father, for his father wanted him to be the best fighter that the land had, and for him to surpass him while he had still lived and breathed. When he was old enough, his father had introduced him to the rulers, and their children. He had wanted them to meet, and also to show of who he was passing his legacy off to. The ruler and his wife at first was hesitant to welcome the lad within the ranks of the soldiers, but it was their son that had smirked and said to them that he wanted him for his private council of generals, giving the explanation that since he had come from such a prestige lineage that it should be no problem. His parents reluctantly granted their son his request, and from then on, Dokoran had been taught more advanced things in which he would need to learn before fully accepting the position. In the years to come, he had shown on the battlefield that he was worthy to hold the title granted to him, just as his father had so long ago, but it was different, for he had more than one title than just of being part of the ruler's council. He had also been called 'Cold Demon'. The name hadn't come about until after the winter of his 24th year of life. He was sent with a special group of soldiers to kill those that were to be executed for treason, and to burn the land that they had to the ground. Dokoran had an inner hatred for those that would go against a just and kind ruler, and was willing to be the one to set the first place ablaze. The other soldiers had started to kill those that were outside of the houses, so that none would be able to warn the others that night. At the blackest of night, when all were asleep, quietly the group moved to each house, and made it impossible for any to escape, some of the houses being melded shut, while others had things pushed in front of the exits. Dokoran had been told that the final house on the end was where the leader of the rebellious traitors had been, and it was there that he would kill them himself. He saw that the houses were starting to be set ablaze from the other end of the village, and he immediately moved into the house, searching for those that were within. There had been movement, and though it was dark, Dokoran had been able to see a silhouette of someone coming at him, and so struck the person down after a struggle. Soon there had been another one, and this one he merely hit with a dagger to the throat, hearing the thud soon after. He opened the doors, and looked at his men as they had sent most of the other traitors to the afterlife. When they had assembled, asking of the leaders, he had opened the door widely enough for them to see. One had instantly recognized the two, and had immediately called Dokoran a cold-hearted demon before running to return to the palace. The other men had followed, and after the confusion had been over, he gazed into the house that was starting to burn quickly. Looking at the sight of the two that he had slain, horror came over his face as he had seen his mother and father now dead on the ground. He had killed a man that was revered within the kingdom as the greatest hero of all time, not knowing his face until it had been too late, the man's wife not long after. He immediately moved from the place, nothing but sorrow overcoming him, and looked  around with the lights making everything visible. It had been his home village, where he was raised. Though he rationalized within his mind that he must have gotten the wrong directions from the messenger or that he himself took a wrong turn, the deed was done. Standing in the middle of the burning village as it was slowly turning to ash, Dokoran swore that he would never command any soldier again. He knew that his life was done within the place he had been brought up in, the people that he knew, and so he wished for death, but it would not come for him, even though he had tried to impale himself with a sword, throw himself into the fires themselves, or to try to make himself become crushed. He had found that it was a curse that was placed on him, and so he now travels alone, trying to find a way to redeem himself for what he had done, never showing anything more than a cold demeanor because of his want to not gain any friendships.
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