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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

:bulletblue: What's up with your personal projects? What is Lightshard and Interlude? :bulletblue:
Those who follow me long term, might be familiar with these. Lightshard is the main story I wish to tell in this lifetime. Because I want it to be ... decent, I will need more time with it, so I didn't wanted it to be a "teenage story". It grew up with me, and got a more serious tone. I will need better skills for it to be what i want it to be. For that, we started wotking on "Interlude", which will be a practice / less serious story. It is in the making, but creating a full graphic novel takes lots of time. I am fulltime freelancing now, I don't have much time to work on this. But one day, maybe it will be possible.
If you wish to support us, you can donate to our Patreon, so that I can work on this fulltime.

:bulletblue: Do you do commissions? :bulletblue:
Yes, please see the journal above to check availability.

:bulletblue: Can I use your art for RP/avatar/whatever? It is noncommercial after all! :bulletblue:
Why: Read descriptions under the artwork in subject. It will be probably a commission thar someone paid for. You can commission artists too instead of using images you "randomly found on google".
If it isn't a commission, it is from my own project. Which will be out one day in comic format and you might not agree with what certain characters represent.
If you choose not to care about the things said above, (and you are still reading this for some reason) at least provide a link back to the original image and state that the original has nothing to do with your weird fetish things you RP about. Yes, we all know what you do online lol.
I am a creator. And if you write, you are too. Let's respect each other by not doing "nonconsensual collaborations" , please. You wouldn'T like someone running around claiming that your writing feels like exatly that other author they read about.
Artists do not feel honored at all that your character looks just like something we painted. Think about it this way: do you think that the character you wrote is original if someone painted something that "looks exactly how i imagined!" No.
So your options:
1. commission an artist to paint your own things
2. work for it if you can't pay. help out in writing or proofread or translate. At least offer services.

:bulletblue: What software/tablet/brush do you use? :bulletblue:
Software: Clip Studio Paint (manga studio 5)
Tool: Wacom Intuos5 (it is called wacom pro now)
Brushes: soft round airbrush+hard round airbrush. 99% basic brushes, yes. I do have some customs made, like chain brush and such, but i rarely use these
Technique: digital, mixed. From 3d elements to photobashing, 85% painting

:bulletblue: Will you join my contest? :bulletblue:
Not likely that i will have time, but i might consider if it is not "for exposure"

:bulletblue: Why don't you reply to me? :c :bulletblue:
A) I'm sorry, at this point too many messages and pages to manage. I'll always reply to questions and important things, but can't always message to everyone. Will get back to you as soon as i can!
B) You totally ignored everything on this page and asked something that is clearnly answered either here or in the commission info tab.

:bulletblue: Make tutorials/videos! I want to paint like you! :bulletblue:
Use google like everyone else.
Seriously people, there are million tutorials online now. Even for free. There is nothing I could add to it.
You can see me work on livestreams i do sometimes, make sure you follow my journals for notifications~

:bulletblue: Wow you have a lot of rules and seem so strict, i'm scared to even write to you now :ohnoes: :bulletblue:
I have to write these, because people continously ask them, or in commissions, some people like to exploit little things that you might have missed. I try to set these rules, so it helps beginners with a guideline about what to include, and to keep away those who want to take advantage of artists.
And I get questions almost on a daily basis, and after a while it is really hard to repeat everything all the time. (not fun to waste hours of worktime with just messaging)
I'm actually a nice person, don't be afraid to write to me anytime! :la:




Ww by Cashile

upgraded to a Cintiq Pro. super fun. 500% morale boost #wacom #cintiq #wip first try, definitely needs a little adjusting/practice, but it will be an awesome transition


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 18, 2014, 10:22 AM

Waitlist & Progress Info : HERE
Please check this first before writing your Note! There might be a long waiting list!
Thank you.

You CAN'T reserve a spot just by asking! I choose commissions based on the content. Please write your note with all needed info right away, no need to ask beforehand.

Before you order:

Please take this seriously.
I need to plan my finances ahead. If I send you an invoice, you have to send payment. Our notes can serve as a legal contract of agreement.
I don't send refunds. If you change your mind, you can cancel BEFORE I send my invoice to you.

General Terms:

  • This journal entry is from 2014, that is the original creation date. I update this box regularly, but it doesn't show "edited date". This journal entry is recent, of course, not many years old.

    Please write a note or email with your descriptions and attach as many references as you can.
    If you only use written description please keep it brief.
  • I will go through every note and decide which ones to accept: please understand i can't accept everyone all at once. I will reply to you within a day, and update the qeues with the list I will work on.
  • You must reply to my offer within your designated month. Missing your deadline will get you to the end of the waitlist.
  • You will get to modify the illustration if needed at multiple points of the process.
  • Payment is after the accepted sketch.
Please clearly state the type of commission you would like & include your paypal address, so i can send you an invoice. (preferred after the accepted sketch)

How it Goes:

Please consider if I am the right artist for you. My main preference is dark fantasy direction.
You write a note with your request: Please include the TYPE of commission.
Get references: Google is your friend. Character designs are in the prices already, so if you would like me to use my own style and freedom please state it as well.
Your 3 changes are:
I will make a sketch: at this point it is just for the general idea, composition and pose confirmation, it is likely that i won't include intricate details. You revise this, and decide if i can go to the detailing part. Big changes are ok to do with a sketch, I can even make you a completely different one. If you decide to discard the second sketch as well, I can either cancel here to add extra pricing for the work. In short: You have 2 sketch version chances to check at least.
After I start detailing, I can't make big changes! (aka. i can't change the pose drastically and such!) make sure you are happy with the work at the sketch phase, please! You can check the detailed sketch for final revisions before coloring.
I'm doing coloring as a last step: you may request color changes only here.
Please make sure you communicate your ideas. I cannot read your mind ;-;

Digital, International Paper size, A4: 2480x3508 pixels, 300dpi
If you don't specifically state your size and dimension request, I might use freedom with this, however it fits the composition best.
You may request custom sizing, but only if you state it in your first note I cannot change resolution after I already started painting!

Tips for References:

Please use google if you don't have visual refs yet.
It can be another artwork, models, jewellery, clothing, setting, poses, anything that would help you with communicating your idea. (use keywords in google: eg. "man sitting" "golden crown" etc)
3-4 images are really useful, instead of giving me chapters from your book. Too much written information is not only it is irrelevant to the illustration, it also takes too much time.
Keep in mind what you want to see, not what you know about the character and history and such.


English: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
Hungarian: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
German: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

  • Commercial works add +20% to the base price
  • What is commercial use?
  • Any art that you will use for your own profit. Example: selling for artbook, using the art for promoting your project, selling posters, etc...
    Please briefly describe your project's theme and target audience.

I do not draw:
- porn or vulgar nudity
- fanart characters that are misrepresented (stay in character please)
- illustrations for """"romance novels""" (you know what these are)
- political stuff
- anything copied from photo (you, your friend, your pet etc) - unless you want it heavily stylized or combined with other themes. that's fine.

I have the full right to reject your inquiry.


Please note that prices will vary according to details

:bulletyellow: Portraits   :bulletyellow:

50 € +

Including basic background, you can specify setting (or it will be a random one)
Headshot and shoulders only

Commission Tab Portraits by Cashile

C - Sword and Feather by Cashile

:bulletyellow: Bust :bulletyellow:

80 € +

Headshot, upper chest area, 1 hand

Commission Tab Busts by Cashile

LS - Eala Earendel by Cashile

:bulletyellow:   Waistup :bulletyellow:
140 € +

Full upper body, waist, 2 hands

Commission Tab Waistup by Cashile

C - Pearlescent White by Cashile

:bulletyellow:   Fullbody :bulletyellow:
170 € +

One character only, NO BACKGROUND

Commission Tab Fullbody by Cashile

Interlude - Until by Cashile 

:bulletyellow: Detailed / Fullbody with backgrounds :bulletyellow:

250€ +

Characters with complex background or very detailed outfits

LOL - Morgana by Cashile

:bulletblue: Monochrome :bulletblue:

Base price from above -10%

Commission Tab Monochrome by Cashile

:bulletblue: Digital Lineart :bulletblue:

20 € +

Anything that is sketch, linework and ink~

Commission Tab Lineart by Cashile

:bulletblue: Traditionals :bulletblue:

50 € +

+5€ if you would like the original to be mailed to you
:bulletwhite: pencil drawings on A4 sketch paper
:bulletwhite: pencil with white highlights on grey toned 22.9 x30.5 cm paper


:bulletwhite: Ink lineart only
:bulletwhite: Ink lineart and toning

Commission Tab Traditionals2 by Cashile

Tradisamplesmall by Cashile

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast


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